Bac Ha trekking tours: Travel Lao Cai Lung Khau Nhin Na Cap Na Vang Coc Re Ban Me Quan Than San Ta Van Chu Lau Thi Ngai Nam Mon Trung Do Bao Nhai Lao Cai (6 days)

This is one of the most challenging trekking tour Lotussia Travel providesin Bac Ha area, Lao Cai province. The 6-day tour takes you to the remotest hilltribe villages, located far from the civilization. Begin your adventure holidays with an overnight train trip from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Then you start your trekking holiday walking through the less traveled villages including Lung Khau Nhin, Na Cap, Na Vang, Coc Re, Khuan Pung, Ban Me, Quan Than San, Ta Van Chu, Lau Thi Ngai, Nam Mon, Trung Do, Bao Nhai. If you arrive in Bac Ha town on Sunday, you have the opportunity to visit the Bac Ha market, the biggest market in the area. Trekking along hillsides, from village to village; Speeping at local home (homestay) offers the opportunity to experience the real life. The 6-day adventure tour package is provided with experienced English-speaking tour guide, support vehicle, local cook, porters and trekking equipments. This is a hard, challenging trekking tour package is only recommended for active travelers, small group size. Contact Lotussia Travel for more details.


Day 1: Lao cai – Lung Khau Nhin – Na Cap  (L,D)

Upon your arrival at Lao Cai station, you will be greeted by Lotussia Travel local team and transferred to a local restaurant for breakfast.

We will leave Lao Cai at about 08.30 for a 38 km road transfer to the Ban Khuong Bridge in Thanh Binh Commune. We start trekking on a large path uphill for 1,5 hours to Ta Thien village of the Flower H’mong. We will stopy by and visit some local houses and a village school.

We continue hiking for another hour uphill to Thai Giang Chai village of the Zao Tien peoples. We will have a short visit of the village then have lunch.

After lunch, we trek ascending for a half hour to the hilltop and gradually downhill to the center of Lung Khau Nhin commune. We follow the village path walking for two more hours to Na Cap village of the Nung.

Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Na Cap – Na Vang – Coc Re – Khuan Pung – Ban me (B,L,D)

After breakfast, we will leave the Na Cap village at about 9.00 am. We continue the journey by trekking along a single dirt trail downhill for 2 hours via Na Vang village of the Nung. Then we hike through burnt-over land and terraced paddies to the Chay River. We cross the river by boat to the other bank. Enjoy a long break before walking downhill on a narrow dirt trail to Coc Re village of the Flower H’mong. Explore the village and then lunch break.

The trek in the afternoon is easier as the trail winds its way on high hill sides for over 1 hour offering great view of the magnificent valley along the Chay River. We will trek through Khuan Pung village of the Zao and Nung. We arrive the top at 671m in mid afternoon.

We then have a two-hour easy walk to Sin Chai Village, Ban Me commune.

We arrive the village at 5.00 pm. Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Ban Me – Quan Than San (B,L,D)

The whole morning will be spent in trekking uphill. The trail is narrow and steep. Some parts are really tough. But the surrounding nature and landscapes is wonderful.

We will hike through several tribal hamlets of the Flower H’mong ethnic group. We will stop by some local house and talk with local villagers who probably have ever met western visitors.

Lunch break near a hill-top.

In the afternoon, we will trek through the Man Than commune for 1,5 hour until we arrive a narrow valley. We then trek along a trail running on hill side for another one hour and a half. We walk through some small villages of the Nung and Flower H’mong.

We arrive  the southern edge of Quan Than San commune around late afternoon. Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Quan Than San – Ta Van Chu – Lau Thi Ngai – Bac Ha (B,L,D)

After beakfast, we leave the Quan Than San village at about 09.00 am. The first portion of the trek is easy. We hike for about 2 hours along the large and rocky path. We mostly walk downhill to the center of the neighboring commune – the Ta Van Chu commune.

If weather permits, we may leave the main path at some sections to make short cut through the thick rain forest. Then the trail goes uphill the Thang Sin mountain range. We trek through isolated hamlets of the Flower H’mong.

We arrive the top at noon.

Lunch will be provided en route.

In the afternoon, the trek is easier as the path gradually descend to the large valley of Lau Thi Ngai commune. Later we hike along a narrow stream through this stunning valley towards Bac Ha. We walk through several hamlets of the Folwer H’mong and later of the Tay villages.

We arrive in Bac Ha in late afternoon. Check into a local hotel or guesthouse for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Bac Ha Sunday market – Trekking to Nam Mon (B,L,D)

Enjoy the full morning attending the famous Sunday Market in Bac Ha. You will have the opportunity to experience  the spiritual life of the local tribal peoples who live in this remote land of the far north.

Lunch will be provided in a local restaurant in town.

We check out hotel at 1.30 pm. The whole afternoon will be spent in trekking from Bac Ha through Na Hoi village of the Tay to Coc Cai Village of the Flower H’mong in Nam Mon Commune. We arrive to the Nam Mon village at about 5.00 pm.

Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Coc Cai – Trung Do – Bao Nhai – Lao cai (B,L)

After breakfast, we will leave the village at about 08.30 am following a narrow trail. We trek uphill for half hour and then we hike downhill to the bottom of the valley.

We continue trekking along a narrow stream. After about 2 hour, we arrive the Trung Do Village of the Tay. This village has about 40 houses built on stilts on the bank of the Chay River. Enjoy a leisure walk to explore this prosperous village before having lunch in a local home.

We leave Trung Do village taking another walk along the Chay River. After one-hour walk, we arrive the Cac Cop village of the Black Zao and H’mong. From here we take the boat trip down stream the Chay River to Bao Nhai Commune where we will be picked up again by our vehicle ans transferred to Laocai for the overnight train trip back to Hanoi. End of Lotussia Travel service.

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